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Merging Marketing and New Media

Asia is becoming the biggest consumer of Western products and culture. Luxurious brands, tourism, cuisine are highly appreciated by Asian people. The social media have become the main market place where people are taking information and advices about what and where to purchase. Some influencers (KOL) have become followed by hundreds thousands, even millions of people. People do relie more on the "girl next door" than regular media such as TV. Working with influencers might be quite difficult for a brand to get a really good return on investment. This is where a producer is needed to make sure that a precise contract is respected to ensure the brands, that the marketing message will be perfectly transmitted to the fans of the hired influencers.

It is also important to developpe a campaign not based only on publishing pictures.Defining campaign using combined New tools such as Experiential Marketing, Emotional immersion, Influential Marketing,... Eyedream Ltd is bridging the gap between various cultures, populations and technologies. When a technology doesn't exist to innovate and create Wow effects to clients, we just invent it... Creativity has just no limit...

NEW: We are currently developing interactions for events and people's everyday lives... If you want to join our fun adventure, contact us by email to get our App, sign our Confidentiality Agreement as well as designing your next interactive event with us: contact(at)

Passionate about Lifestyle, Cross-cultural marketing and New Technologies

EyeDream Ltd has been founded by Philippe Gerard, PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and Movie Director for Corporate films, Feature films and Commercials (check his bio )

Being both an Engineer and Marketing specialist, he has always brought innovation in the communication type he worked.

Partnering with Katherine, specialist in Sales has a degree in Computer Science. Both passionate by cross cultural business. The good knowledges of the team regarding the European, South East Asia and China mainland both regarding culture, lifetsyles, purchasing habits and all social media in all locations, makes us a strong partner for brands to expends their communication into Asia. We have promoted the Peru's tourism, French tourism as well as perfume brand into Asia through Influential Marketing. We are very excited by handling also our own event around perfume making initiation. We are running a online and on site initiation class where we also introduce brands still not famous in Asia, or reveal new products from more famous brands. We have a very motivated for educate people using, testing, experiencing new products through innovative experiences.


Actions in Experiential Marketing

Developping High Technology for Marketing

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality

Marketing study using VR viewing

Experiential marketing through immersion

Marketing Campaigns

Film Making

Social Media promotion


Influencers Partnership

Follow up of Campaign


product placements

Cryptocurrency incentive

Perfume Class and Sales

We are currently developping a class of perfume in Hong Kong and Mainland China in order to promote the French tradition of perfume making and offer a set of brands to test and purchase. This is a good oppportunity for brands who wants to expand to Asia for a reasonable budget.


Developping New tools for Marketing and training

Research and Developments of interactive/Connected devices (IoT)

Immersive Experience using Video Mapping and Interaction

Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality for Retails

Artificial Intelligence

Development of specific contents to Social Media plateform

Study of user responses to marketing actions


Eye Dream Ltd - Tung Chung, Hong Kong.